Yosemite Fine Art Prints And Books From Awani Press Publications

Yosemite Mule Deer Fawn...By Bill Berry

Awani Press Publications were first printed while Doug Hubbard and his family was still living in Yosemite National Park. Doug was Chief Park Naturalist at the time, and he and wife Fran recognized a need for fun and informative "Yosemite Books."

Over the years a variety of titles on topics other than Yosemite were added to the Awani Press catalog as the Hubbard Family members moved and experienced new and interesting things.

But for now we offer these Yosemite titles...

Yosemite Animal Prints

Yosemite Animal Prints...By Bill Berry

The Black Bear, Mule Deer, Mountain Coyote and Mountain Lion are Yosemite icons. Now "captured" by the artist, they are available as 11 x 14 inch fine art prints!

These endearing images of Yosemite mothers and their babies are from the original pen and ink drawings of world famous wildlife artist Bill Berry.

Mother Mule Deer And Baby In Yosemite...Bill Berry

Printed on heavy stock, they are beautiful framed...perfect for a babies room.

You will be delighted.

$20.00    ( Set of four fine art prints, 11x14 inches on heavy stock.)

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Cowboys, Indians and The Wild West In Yosemite

Cowboys Indians And The Wild West In Yosemite

Back in the early days of Yosemite, life was pretty "wild-and-wooly". Masked men and stage coach hold ups were common. Most men were armed and they needed to be for their safety.

Eddie Webb was the last surviving Yosemite stagecoach driver, and was tickled to tell his Yosemite Yarns of how life used to be back in those days one last time for the author.

Some of his stories are fanciful, some are actual recollections. All are fun!

Find out how the Yosemite Firefall began, what the Rattlesnake Tree was, how the first climb of Half Dome was accomplished and discover 18 other stories of Yosemite back in the days of the wild west..

Yosemite's last Stagecoach Driver, Eddie Webb.

$8.50    An Awani Press Publication

( 8 1/2 x 11 inch, 25 pages. Illustrated throughout by Yosemite artist Ed Vella.)

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Introduce Your Kids To Yosemite's Furry Friends!

Yosemite's Furry Animal Friends

Yosemite National Park is known for its many animals, and there are more than 30 that are furry ones! The Black Bear is probably the first that comes to mind, but the Mule Deer and the Mountain Coyote are also commonly seen within the park.

Little Bears Playing...By Bill Berry

This fun family book is the perfect children's activity companion, with drawings that can be colored, and information about each of the animal.

A Yosemite Classic by Fran Hubbard.

$7.00    An Awani Press Publication

( 8 1/2  x 11 inches, full of illustrations and 30 pages of fun.)

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The Yosemite Pocket Guide-Yosemite In Your Pocket

This little book is the original Yosemite Guide, and the only one designed to fit in your shirt pocket. But it's 80 pages are packed with useful information and are the perfect quick reference when out on the trail.

Written by Chief Park naturalist Douglass Hubbard, a great deal of thought was put into this little books lay-out and content over his 15 years in Yosemite.

Topics include: Yosemite Valley * Rocks * The Sierra Nevada * Geologic Development * Waterfalls * Climate and Weather * People Of Yosemite * Discovery of Yosemite * Animals Of Yosemite * Mammals * Birds * Lizards * Snakes * Salamanders and Newts * Frogs And Toads * Fish * Plants In Yosemite * Cone Bearing Trees * Broad Leaved Trees * Wildflowers * Ferns * Primitive Plant Forms

Also: What To Do And See In The Park, and a special section on the Devils Postpile.

Because Of Rising Printing Prices, This Little Book Will Likely Not Be Reprinted. Get Yours Now!

$7.00    An Awani Press Publication

(Designed for your pocket. 80 pages filled with graphics and illustrations.)

Buy the Yosemite Pocket Guide Book with confidence using PayPal:

Yosemite Before The White Man

Tupi The Yosemite Indian Boy

Imagine Yosemite Valley as it was when the only humans living there were the Indians...long before the arrival of the white man!

Now you and your children can join Tupi "the Chipmunk" as he spends a lazy summer day in Yosemite surrounded by his many animal...and indian friends.

In preparation for that nights feast, he also helps his grandmother make acorn mush and later, listens captivated by familiar Indian legends while watching his grandfather fashion arrowheads.

An authentic and thoroughly delightful story for the whole family, (especially the little ones)!

$7.00    An Awani Press Publication

(8 1/2 x 11 inches and 20 pages with artwork by artist Ed Vella.)

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The Yosemite Fine Art Print Set

Yosemite Mountain Coyote Mother And Pups...By Bill Berry

Yosemite Fine Art Prints

The Wild West In Yosemite

Cowboys Indians And The Wild West In Yosemite

Stories Of The Stagecoach Drivers

Furry Friends

Yosemite's Furry Animal Friends

Meet Yosemite's Furry Friends

Tupi "The Chipmunk"

An Indian Boy In Yosemite

Come Join The Yosemite Indian Boy

The Yosemite Pocket Guide-Yosemite In Your Pocket

A Complete Yosemite Guide In Your Pocket