Tupi the Chipmunk

A Story Of  Miwok Indians In Yosemite Valley Before The White Man

Join Tupi the Yosemite Indian boy for a day in Yosemite

Tupi The Chipmunk was the first of a series of books to be written by Fran Hubbard during the 15 years that she and her family lived in Yosemite.

The wife of Chief Park Naturalist Doug Hubbard, her four children and their Yosemite Indian friends helped inspired Fran to create “Tupi” the Indian boy.

With her first-hand knowledge of things like the preparation of native Indian meals which included acorn mush, the book is not only fun but is also authentic.

The book can be purchased once again with the original illustrations by Yosemite artist Ed Vella in its original  large 8.5x11 format.

It is also available from Amazon as an e-book for the Kindle.

“Tupi The Chipmunk An Indian Boy Of Yosemite” allows for you to glimpse into the past. Spend a day in the life of a Miwok Indian boy living in Yosemite valley before the arrival of the white men.

Surrounded by the many animals that are his daily companions, Tupi enjoys a lazy warm summer day in Yosemite valley, the valley of the A-wa-ni.

Follow Tupi and learn the customs and traditions of Yosemite's Miwok people. First he helps his grandmother prepare acorns for baking; later watching his grandfather fashion arrowheads from the black volcanic glass…obsidian.

An excerpt from the book:

‘In front of his cedar Bark uma-cha sat Tupi’s grandfather, The Arrow-maker. In his left hand he held a piece of shiny black rock, while with his right hand he chipped it with a tool made from the antler of the deer. Patiently he worked until the arrow point was sharp and to his liking.

The Arrowmaker from "Tupi the Chipmunk"

The good black rock came from the country of the Mo-no, across the mountains. Each summer Tupi’s people made the long journey to trade acorns and baskets for salt, pine nuts, and the arrow-rock, called obsidian."

Charming illustrations accompany the story throughout the book.Tupi is a true Yosemite classic that is bound to become a family favorite!

"Tupi" is available as an 8.5x11 inch printed book.  Get your copy today!

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