Yosemite National Park Pictures Are On An Incomparable Photographic Template

Enhanced By Light, Weather Conditions, And The Changing Seasons

So what things make one photograph of Yosemite stand out amongst all of the others out there?

Yosemite Scenic Wonders

Alpen Glow On Half Dome-Yosemite-Allposters.com

Yosemite National Park Pictures may be exceptional because of interesting and unique lighting as in the case of this photo of Half Dome at sunset bathed in an "Alpine Glow".

Under the right conditions from Glacier Point, the granite icons of Yosemite Valley like half dome and the expansive high-country vista out for as far as you can see, become "electric" in appearance. They glow in neon pinks and yellows as the sun disappears for the day.

El Capitan Reflection-Yosemite-AllPosters.com

The use of creative camera angles, exposures and  perspectives make for interesting "stand-out" photographs...

With the abundance of water throughout Yosemite valley, opportunities for creative photographs of normally recognizable subjects using reflections, often present themselves.

This reflection of El Capitan shot in the pool of a soggy meadow near its foot, is a perfect example of this idea.

Didn't I Just Mention Interesting Camera Angles??

Freestyling On El Capitan. Photo by Jimmy Chin AllPosters.com

Stunning photography shot on Yosemite's granite walls. Beautiful settings for a deadly serious sport.

Half Dome and El Capitan from a perspective you have likely never seen!

The incomparable combination of unique camera angles, unusual lighting, interesting texture and composition are characteristic of these amazing photographs of rock climbers on the cliffs of Yosemite.

With appreciation for the skill, (and daring), of the both the climber and the photographer, it is hard not to feel a chill as you "find yourself"  thousands of feet above the valley floor with them!

Yosemite Wildlife Photography

Mountain Lion Leaping-Yosemite-AllPosters.com

Photographing Yosemite wildlife, (particularly the wary and rarely seen animals like this mountain lion), requires a great deal of luck!

Catching a beautifully exposed action shot as the lion leaps a back country stream or charges across expanses of snow, are unforgettable photo occurrences of a life time!

Little Bear Hanging On

Little Bears always seem to be getting into one type of mischief or another.

Their mothers teach them when they are still very young, to climb a tree if frightened by anything. It seems that you see them hanging this way quite often too.

Interestingly, no matter their situation, they go up the tree this way and come down the exact same way. Every time...unless they fall.

Yosemite Mountain Coyote Watching

Coyotes are very very smart. They also have an amazing sense for their situation and what is happening around them.

This of course, is helped by amazing senses of sight, hearing and smell. They don't ever miss much!

It should never come as a surprise to find yourself being observed from a distance without any previous idea that there were coyotes in the area.

As in all wildlife photography situations, long lenses and great patience are both mandatory things.

Yosemite Mule Deer Fawn Peeking

The only defense that a young fawn has other than its mother is its coloring and its understanding that it must remain motionless in dangerous situations.

Most often you will not see fawns in the wild unless you happen across them while they are up and moving as in the case of this lucky photographer.

Yosemite "Serenity" Photographs

Yosemite Serenity Tree With Water-AllPosters.com

Often times rather than familiar sweeping vistas, favorite Yosemite pictures are shot close-up with the subject matter fully filling the frame of the camera.

In this example, longer exposures are utilized to capture the movement of the water in the background as a softer element of the photo.

The abstract shape of the tree and the shine and reflections from it's solid and unmoving rock base provide the wonderful "Zen feeling" that the photographer is trying to communicate through the shot.


Yosemite Black Bear Dreaming-AllPosters.com

Some photos just exude a natural charm!

Not only is this photo technically a beautiful composition, but the big black bear on the little rock dreaming of dinner speaks to us all!

The use of a large f-stop to throw the foreground and background out of focus removes these distractions and makes the main subject of the bear "pop".

This was likely a necessity in these light conditions, but what a fortunate situation to find yourself in! Again, with wildlife photography there is nothing like being in the right place at the right time.

Animal Babies

Coyote Pups Outside Their Den-AllPosters.com

We all have a natural bond with other animals, and this is especially true of animal babies!

It is not only the "cuteness" of their appearance, but their apparent vulnerability that attracts us to them.

Obviously they are not yet a fully grown 250 pound mountain lion or 350 pound black bear...and that helps too!

Most animals have more than one baby at a time, and this adds a new dimension of opportunity for the photographer. Multiply the "cuteness factor" by the silly playful behavior and predicaments that they seem to get themselves into, (especially the young bears), and you've got great natural photographic subjects!

Mothers And Babies

Mother Black Bear Bathing Cub-AllPosters.com

Add "mamma" to the baby photo.

But be careful! Because of her nurturing nature, it is easy to forget  that no matter what kind of animal she is, she is not only fully grown but dedicated to the protection of her little guys at all costs.

Including giving her life for them.

Forgetting about the special danger of all mother animals who have babies, can get those who come to visit into serious and sometimes fatal predicaments. Beware!

Historic Pictures

Yosemite's Historic Firefall-AllPosters.com

Historically significant Yosemite national park pictures are most often black and white.

In some rare instances where an event was repeated and the photographer could prepare for it, (as in the case of these photos of the Firefall), good quality color photos do exist.

A popular event on  Yosemite summer evenings for many years, the firefall was another icon of Yosemite, (albeit a man-made one).

At the conclusion of the rangers "campfire talk" up on Glacier Point, the glowing embers of the fire were pushed over the edge, to the delight of those watching from the valley floor.

There were obvious fire risks associated with it, as well as the fact that it was not a natural occurrence. (And this was a national park after all)!

It was begun in 1872 and was discontinued in 1968.

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