The Yosemite Pocket Guide...

What You Need To Know About Yosemite In Your Pocket

Yosemite Pocket Guide

The Yosemite Pocket Guide was written by former National Park Service Chief Park Naturalist Douglass Hubbard.

It serves as a unique reference for anyone who would like a broader understanding of Yosemite National Park “beneath the surface”.

This little book is the only complete pocket-sized guide to Yosemite and now has many imitators. But no other has managed to capture the Yosemite story as completely. The most interesting aspects of Yosemite National Park are featured in its 80 pages; along with their descriptions and colorful illustrations.

For those with an interest in a more complete understanding of Yosemite Park, the Yosemite Guide is a fun and informative reference that is meant to be carried in your pocket and used frequently!

Inside The Pocket Guide...Unique Yosemite

Tioga Road Geological exfoliation. DHH Photo

In The Pocket Guide You Will Find:

  • “Yosemite Valley”…A brief overview of the park, and its history.
  • “Rocks”…Common rocks, how they were formed, and where you see them today.
  • “The Sierra Nevada”…How the Sierra Nevada mountain range was formed.
  • “Geological Development”…How liquid and frozen water has formed Yosemite Valley.
  • “Waterfalls”…The famous waterfalls of Yosemite, including the Yosemite falls, of Bridalveil, Nevada, and Vernal, their locations, how they were formed and how they were named...
  • “Climate and weather”…An overview of what the seasons might bring.

Yosemite Indians And The Old West

"Early" Yosemite Has A Very Interesting History:

  • “The Indians”…The Awaneechees, people of the deep, grassy valley.
  • “Discovery of Yosemite”…How a Grizzly Bear led to Yosemite’s discovery.
  • “The Park”…Abraham Lincoln, the Yosemite Grant 
  • "The Army In Yosemite"...Yosemite's First Guardians
  • "History In Yosemite"...The Early National Park Service

Yosemite's Interesting Animals

Yosemite's Official Greeter the Stellers Jay

Yosemite Animals Are Everywhere You Look, And Often Where You Don't:

  • "Mammals"...Mule Deer, Black Bear, , and 32 other Furry Friends of Yosemite.
  • “Birds”…Including Stellers Jay, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Western Tanager and 43 other uninvited camp guests.
  • “Lizards”…the four most common lizards. Look carefully at the tree bark.
  • “Snakes”…the four most common has rattles!
  • “Salamanders and Newts”…watch closely and you might see these three amphibians.
  • “Frogs and Toads"…you will hear these, but rarely see them.
  • “Fish”…of the game fishes in Yosemite, only the Rainbow Trout is a native, what are the others?

Yosemite Plants And Wildflowers

Yosemite's wildflowers

Beautiful Plants Surround You:

  • “Cone-bearing Trees”…the Giant Sequoias are the most famous of the 17 cone-bearers in Yosemite.
  • “Broad-leaved Trees and plants”…learn to recognize what poison oak looks like!
  • “Wildflowers”…just when you thought that Yosemite couldn’t get any more beautiful.
  • “Ferns”…more than 30 kinds grow in the Sierra.
  • “Primitive Plant Forms”…mosses, fungi and lichens.

Other Things To See And Do Around Yosemite

What to do and see in the park: Museums, Ranger-led activities, Junior Rangers, Indian demonstrations and much more.

Devils Postpile: A National Monument on the east side of the Sierra Nevada where cooling lava from an ancient volcano formed the many-sided rock columns.

Due To Rising Printing Costs, The Yosemite Pocket Guide Will Likely Not Be Reprinted.
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